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Photo of AdministratorHi, welcome to food behaviour, Dave here taking a look at what is healthy food, what kind of nutrients we should be getting and how we can get all we need and much more from a nutritarian diet.

We all need a way forward that is different from the normal day to day healthcare of dispensing medication that is leaving us with so many side effects and little else.

We should not settle for a life where we are deprived of our health, there is too much at stake just to follow the normal path and end up in despair.

What is Nutritarian

A nutritarian diet is centered on nutrient rich food that contains nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals in abundance which the body needs in order to stay in optimum shape.

The main foods in a nutritarian diet include:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Legumes

The nutritarian term was coined by Dr Joel Fuhrman, a physician and nutritional expert from New Jersey who has helped thousands to improve their health and over come disease by changing there eating habits and teaching them how to lead a healthy life by consuming micronutrient rich food.

Dr Fuhrman continues to help people daily, his passion for helping and teaching a way of life that is inspirational for many including myself, will continue to change lives for the better into the future.

Why go Nutritarian

Cartoon food figuresGetting your daily food requirements from predominantly plant-based nutrient-rich super foods will give you every advantage in getting your health goals on track.

The advantages of going nutritarian go far beyond losing some weight, even though weight loss is a factor for a lot of people, a nutritarian lifestyle will improve your overall health as well as shedding those unwanted pounds.

If you suffer from any health issues and you are looking for some remedies then a nutritarian lifestyle is what you need. Numerous studies have revealed that eating a nutritarian diet plays a major role in preventing illness such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and all such related ailments.

Have you been told that you need to take medication on a regular basis for high blood pressure, cholesterol or any other body function that may be beyond control, are you suffering from side effects as a result of taking these medications?

Why suffer on, instead of trying to alleviate the systems from those medical conditions why not eliminate them for good. The majority of ill health is caused by consuming processed food that lacks nutrients, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants on a daily basis.

The buildup of toxins in our system is a result of consuming processed food day-in day-out, these toxins lead to many health conditions that we see in people eating a poor diet.

It is very difficult these days with all of us leading such busy lifestyles to find the time to shop and prepare nutritious meals. Also, the information we are being given about what is good for us and what is not can be very misleading, there are so many industries pushing to sell there product for maximum profit, that the well being of there customer is not a priority.

Another great reason to try the nutritarian lifestyle is the variety of food available, the delicious meals that can be put together with little effort not only taste amazing, but also do wonders for your health and well being.

Is a Nutritarian lifestyle for me?

Monkey with vegetable hamperIf you eat food, then yes, the nutritarian lifestyle is for you. I mean the only thing you have to lose by eating Nutritarian is Fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and anything else that’s going on in your body that you want to get rid of and replace with pure nutrition.

Even if you are in the prime of your life and feeling fit and healthy, now is the time to start feeding the cells of your body with live nutrients. Don’t wait until you have a health issue and you are given a bucket load of medication that most likely won’t solve the problem anyway. Prevention is better than the cure.

Maybe you have a health condition and you have been told that there is nothing that can be done to cure it except medication, which will probably only treat your symptoms and not cure your condition.

The best way of treating your condition is to feed your cells with proper nutrients, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and all the goodness of a nutritarian lifestyle. Many trials have proven that even advanced disease have shown significant improvement when the body is nourished with proper nutrition.

There are so many people looking to make lifestyle changes and improve there overall health and are at a loss as to how they can achieve this, it’s not that complicated.

We tend to make it more complex than what it actually is, the bottom line is that most of us already know what we should be eating in order to maintain a healthy body and mind, but we are looking for some other solution, an easy way out such as taking medication to relieve our symptoms so that we can continue eating the processed food that has caused the problem in the first place.

The reality is there is no medication that can give you your health back, the only way is to feed your body with proper nutrients to prevent disease and live a healthy life.

Nutritarian Food

This is the best part, the delicious food which is available in a Nutritarian lifestyle.

The transition from eating a processed western diet to a Nutritarian one can seem daunting for some people, looking at the variety of foods available you might think this is not for me, or you might think I won’t be satisfied with eating this way.

I was probably thinking along those lines when I started out, but after a bit of education on the subject and some experience eating this way the reality was completely different.

food marketThere is so much variety of delicious combinations you can put together that you will be amazed, I mean think about this for a second..

What is your food behaviour at the moment??.. are you eating the typical western diet, processed meat, dairy, eggs, baked goods such as bread, pizzas, cakes all washed down with some fizzy drink or beer.

Think about the average food week in your life, take for example cooking dinner, will it be the same this Monday as it was last Monday, do you have a day marked out each week for a particular meal, maybe your more spontaneous and like to mix it up a bit.

Either way when it comes to the processed western diet the majority of people eat the same food week in and week out, not very exciting really, especially when the food is causing so much ill health.

There is quite a lot of choice when it comes to the Nutritarian lifestyle, you will be amazed at the delicious recipes you can put together in your kitchen in a short space of time.

Delicious meals you can cook for yourself or the whole family, combined with healthy delicious deserts that are fun and easy to make.


The exciting part of changing your eating habits comes when you start to see your health improve, getting rid of aches and pains, seeing your blood pressure and cholesterol improve amongst other things, and if your on medication maybe having it reduced or even eliminated altogether.

There can be a lot of influence from others when you decide to change your eating habits, people unfortunately try to justify there own eating habits by promoting them.

What I mean by that is when they see somebody do something different they may criticize what you do to make themselves feel better about there ways.

This for some can make it difficult to change. The majority of people just follow the herd, it’s easier that way, you don’t have to explain yourself to others.

The problem with that is it’s not going to help your situation, by not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and helping yourself to lead a healthier happier vibrant life, you won’t be able to help others and show them the way forward.

Please let me know about your situation, are you looking for a way of improving your health and wellbeing.

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14 thoughts on “Food Behaviour”

  1. The Nutritarian lifestyle is a very lovely thing I will like to indulge myself in. Looking at how it all works and the kinds of foods that I can eat, I feel like it will be very good for me to give this type of diet a tryout. Would be very nice to eat healthy because most of this foods are healthy ones. Thank you for the eye opener on this type of food behaviour.

  2. Wow this really is a great website! I myself am really into fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so this really is my sort of thing. I love everything about it. Very informative but not to over powering. Nice and clear and direct. I really like how everything is set out as well, from the quirky images to the engaging content. I generally wanted to keep reading! Is it mainly based on fruits and veg? Do you go lower on carbs and that sort of thing as well? Or just mainly healthier foods in general? It was really good to read so keep up the good work! Thanks Darren 

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for your comment, the important thing about the carbs is to get maximum nutrients per calorie consumed. 

      There is plenty of variety with a nutritarian lifestyle, and plenty of nutritious delicious recipes to choose from for a healthier you.

      All the best.


  3. Hello, Dave and thanks for taking the time to talk about this.  I totally agree with what you have said.  Doctors, (the ones who prescribe the drugs), and drug creators think they have all the answers to give us better health.

    The fact of the matter is they are only making it worse.  There isn’t a day goes by when I don’t see an advertisement on the tube promoting this drug or that drug and the list of possible side effects that can go along with them.  Why would I want to take a chance and put my body through all that just to temporarily take care of an issue?  those “Side Effect” lists can be scary, you know?

    I’ll admit,  My wife and I are on some medications (not a ton) for blood pressure and cholesterol and one to help me pee better. Oh! I’m on an aspirin a day to thin my blood as well.  Had Quad bypass surgery 3 1/2 years ago.  All is good.

    Most of what I am on is what they call “Protocol”, “the way it’s done” although I never had an issue with High Blood pressure, it’s even better now that I have some new plumbing.

    All that to say, we have, over recent years made healthier choices and we eat much less processed foods than we used to.  We cook all our own meals and have actually purchased Dr, Fuhrmans books and videos a couple of years back.  

    His materials are excellent and I think we are definitely healthier for what we HAVE changed.  More work still needs to be done but progress is progress.  We definitely get sick less.

    Would love to get off the blood pressure and cholesterol meds and see if there are any physical changes.  Loosing a few more pounds would be ideal.


    • Hi Wayne,

      It sounds like you have been through a lot, I agree durgs are not the answer, to many side effects and little improvement if any. I’m glad you are following Dr Fuhrmans recipes they certainly have some great benefits as well as tasting delicious.

      The longer you eat nutritarian the more benefits you will see as time goes on, I wish you all the best for the future.


  4. Hi, I heard once that you are what you eat.  It makes sense that the cells of our body want to eat natural foods grown from earth without all the preservatives and deep fried fast food. 

    I heard once that it’s good to eat “gods” foods. Like fruits and veggies. I personally still eat pizza and I sometimes smoke pot which oils probably filled with toxins. I drink lots of green tea and lemon. 

    I also have a nutrition shake in the morning filled with super fruits. Plus vegitable protein and chai seeds flax seeds ect

  5. Hi, 

    Interesting article, I must admit that I’ve never heard of a Nutritarian lifestyle. 

    It sounds very similar to the diet I follow myself and the one that I recommend to clients, the key difference is probably that I eat a fair amount of meat ( a couple or portions per day).

    Is a nutritarian lifestyle purely plant based? The reason i ask is I have a couple of clients that are vegan; but they still eat a lot of processed foods, this sounds like it could be an ideal alternative for them to follow.

    • It is plant based with an emphasis on high nutrient per calorie, this would be an ideal diet for vegans or anybody looking to make improvements to their health. It will have excellent benefits compard to eating processed food. 

      All the best.


  6. The word itself seems to be coined from the word nutrient which means to take something that will help and benefit the system. I think the nutrutarian diet is a very good one that I would myself like to try out. When I went through the list of foods available in this diet, I must say that it is very impressive. I will like to try it. Thanks for sharing the truth about it and saying how it can kill the toxins in out body.

  7. Thank you for the awesome post! I have been wondering about a good diet to go on and honestly I was thinking of a Mediterranean diet. I read this post and may ha e changed my mind, though I’m not sure yet. Do you feel this diet would be hard on a budget? Right now money is tight due to the holidays. Would it be more expensive than a Mediterranean diet?

    • Hi Jessie,

      The Mediterranean diet is somewhat  similar, even though it has changed over the years and is not now as nutritious as it used to be. The main problem with the mediterranean diet is the oil, olive oil is marketed as healthy, but the reality is no oil is healthy. Oil contains 120 calories per tbsp, has no fiber and is stored as fat on the body. A much healthier way of making a dressing for salads is with nuts and seeds.

      I don’t feel it is expensive to follow a nutritarian diet, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes are very reasonably priced and works out a lot cheaper in the long run.

      I wish you well with your journey.



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