What Is The Best Diet To Prevent Diabetes

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Do you suffer from Diabetes or are you worried that you may get it in the future. The number of people suffering with diabetes is over 100 million. Diabetes can be treated and avoided altogether with proper diet, physical activity and a bit of general knowledge on the subject. The complications from diabetes can be … Read more

How To Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death globally, it is estimated that 17.9 million lives are lost every year due to heart disease. The frustrating part about this epidemic is that most cases are preventable and even reversible. Surely your thinking how can it be preventable or reversible, if it were, then so … Read more

Best Food To Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat like substance that is found in the cells of the body, it is synthesized predominately by the liver and is used to make hormones and aids with digestion and absorption of dietary fats. If we are eating a poor diet then we are taking in lots of cholesterol, especially from animal … Read more

How To Get Enough Protein On A Vegan Diet

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Are you concerned about your level of protein intake just because you are not eating animal products, well there’s no need, because all this talk about needing meat for your protein is a myth. An idea that has been pushed around for years and has people unnecessarily worried that they may not be getting enough … Read more

How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight

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In today’s world it can be difficult to find the means of getting healthy food into our body, with so much processed food everywhere we go, it is hard to choose wisely, and a lot of the time it can be difficult to find healthy nutritious food. One of the major side effects of not … Read more

Health Benefits Of A Plant Based Diet

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits of a plant based diet are? Are there health benefits, and if so how many benefits are we talking about. Well, quite a lot, probably more than what can be measured I imagine. Starting a plant based diet may sound a little boring and limited as too … Read more

5 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Food has become so easily accessible for most of us these days, but what about the quality of the food that we are eating on a daily basis. Most of what we eat today has been processed, meaning it is lacking in nutrients and has a lot of ingredients added that are probably more harmful … Read more