Photo of AdministratorHi, my name is Dave and I would like to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to visit foodbehaviour.com. I have created this site in order to share my passion with you! Good Nutritious Food is something I am passionate about and seems to be lacking in the majority of peoples diets today.

Our health is the most important of all, without it we are unable to function properly and therefore, we should do all in our power to ensure that we are eating the best nutritious food to maintain it.

I love learning and educating myself on nutrition at every opportunity, knowledge is power, and I believe we should all have the power to obtain optimum health with proper nutrition.

Some years back now my health had started to deteriorate, simply because of consuming processed junk food and a lack of nutrition. I was overweight, unable to exercise due to aches, pains and excuses that I was heading for disaster. I have now lost the weight, aches and pains and gone are the excuses.

I exercise now almost daily, mostly running which I love and life is great. It is so much easier to do the things we love in life, when we feed our bodies the proper nutrients that it needs in order to function properly.

It took some time to learn about what food I should be eating for maximum nutrients, the type of food that will help fight and prevent disease and obesity.

I believe a Nutritarian lifestyle contains the most nutrient rich, high antioxidant, disease fighting produce on the planet. This is my main way of eating now and there is an abundance of delicious Nutrient rich food to choose from that just adds to your healthbank.

Now that I have my health back on track, lighter, healthier, and happier I will continue to learn and share this information that is lifechanging for so many individuals.

I know you will find what you are looking for and push yourself to strive for a healthier happier more vibrant life, that can only be achieved by taking.. ACTION!

Let me know about your situation by leaving a comment on any of my articles.


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